Classic Bluetooth Products: Single-mode Classic Bluetooth & Bluetooth Smart Ready

connectBlue wireless Classic Bluetooth products use a radio technology working in the free, and world wide available, 2.4 GHz ISM band. We offer a complete range of Classic Bluetooth products. These products consist of system-on-modules, ready-to-embed modules and ready-to-use devices and cover multiradio, Classic Bluetooth single-mode and Bluetooth dual-mode (Bluetooth Smart Ready). Go here, to learn more about Classic Bluetooth.

If you would like to get an idea of what these Classic Bluetooth products would look like in a wireless application, the Wireless Application area is a good place to start.

connectBlue support

Bluetooth Ethernet Port Adapter RBE221i

Complete wireless Ethernet cable replacement device (Bluetooth PAN client or bridge) for long range applications (range of up to 300m) using built-in antenna. IP65-classed housing for tough and demanding environments, embedded Bluetooth stack (PAN profile, roles PANU and NAP) and Ethernet interface.

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