Breakfast seminar: Developing Wireless Smartphone Apps using Bluetooth Low Energy, March 20, 2013

Please join us on March 20, 2013 at a breakfast seminar covering the hot topic of "Developing Wireless Smartphone Apps using Bluetooth Low Energy!" at Media Evolution City, Stora Varvsgatan 6a, Malmö, Sweden.

The seminar, which is hosted by FooCafe, will start with breakfast between 07.30-08.00, the presentation continues until 09.00 and for attendees that would like to know more we will have Q&A from 09.00 onwards.


Bluetooth low energy is a new technology that is part of the Bluetooth standard. It uses the same radio as Classic Bluetooth but is focusing on small battery-powered devices that are typically using small coin-cell batteries. Bluetooth low energy is growing quickly and is used in devices/phone accessories in areas like fitness, access control, home and building automation but can be used for all kinds of devices benefiting from a wireless connection.

Bluetooth low energy is becoming available in basically all newer smart phones and tablets. The API:s available makes it very easy to develop apps using Bluetooth low energy.

The seminar will give short overview of the Bluetooth low energy technology in general and describe the easy to use model chosen for developing wireless applications with the technology. It will show by practical examples how a smartphone Bluetooth low energy app easily can be written against a live device.

Who will speak?

connectBlue is a company in Malmö that has been delivering wireless solutions based on technologies like Bluetooth, Wireless LAN and 802.5.4/Zigbee since year 2000 within industries like medical, industrial, metering and building automation.

  • Mats Andersson is the CTO of connectBlue and has many years of experience within wireless and product development in general.
  • Tomas Frisberg is the connectBlue Development Manager and has for many years been responsible for the development of our Bluetooth products. In later years he has been responsible for the support for smartphones in our Bluetooth products.