Blog Review: Bluetooth Low Energy Platform Module OLP425

November 28, 2012

In the blog "Bluetooth Smart - A beginners guide to bluetooth smart/low energy," the connectBlue OLP425 is evaluated and reviewed and being noted that the OLP425 "is a very appealing package, since you can now purchase one of these pre-configured OLP425 modules with many of the basic sensors already attached and ready for development. No longer do you have to worry about designing your own PCB and soldering a tiny 2mm by 2mm Ball Grid Array accelerometer onto it."

The blog also notes that the "OLP425 comes pre-programmed with a demo application based on the Keyfob code from the CC2540 dev kit.  connectBlue provides a great getting started document which explains all the functionality of the demo software, available here."

In the conclusion, the blog notes that "I’m very impressed with the small size of the cB-OLP425i-26, as well as the ease of programming the unit with the adapter cable, making it much easier to download software to the module without requiring a breakout board.  I also really liked the documentation provided by the cB-OLP425 Development Kit Getting started guide, which was well written and straightforward.  I liked the fact that the code example used an accelerometer driven interrupt to wake up the module and enable advertising, which provides a useful starting point for people wanting to create a BLE device without a button."

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