AAMI "Healthcare Technology In a Wireless World"

January 8, 2013

At an AAMI invitation only event on October 4-5 2012, 75 experts including connectBlue’s Bill Saltzstein addressed wireless challenges in healthcare. At the event, they listed the highest priority issues that need to be addressed to solve wireless problems and come up with solutions.

As a result, Bill Saltzstein was quoted in the AAMI "Healthcare Technology In a Wireless World" publication including the following quote from page 22 stating that "smartphones and tablets are communicating with medical devices using applications, thus putting these consumer devices "in charge" of the communication, according to the workshop presenter Bill Saltzstein, president, connectBlue, Inc. Effectively, there are a whole new set of medical devices, developers, and designers, raising a number of issues and challenges... This will require educating the new medical device development community on the hows and whys of development processes and hazard analysis, Saltzstein said."

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