• We deliver superior wireless
    solutions. Nothing less.

    We offer the complete set of features, reliability, long-term availability,
    and regulatory experience necessary for wireless technology to meet
    the demands of industrial, medical, measurement / data acquisition,
    Internet of Things (IoT) and quality assurance applications.

    Wireless applications
  • Completely ready-to-embed
    multiradio module.

    The compact ODIN-W160 is ideal for demanding
    industrial, medical and Internet of Things (IoT)
    applications. Learn more about its possibilities!

    ODIN-W160 Module
  • u-blox acquires connectBlue

    connectBlue’s short range Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules to bolster u-blox’
    "Internet of Things" strategy!

    About the aquisition
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connectBlue® is a leading provider of reliable wireless solutions for the last hundred meters of connectivity. Based on Classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy, WLAN and Multiradio solutions, connectBlue markets ready-to-embed wireless modules as well as ready-to-use wireless Serial Port Adapters, Ethernet Port Adapters and Access Points. The connectBlue products are radio type approved for European, US, Canadian, Japanese markets as well as are compliant with EMC, Safety and Medical standards, and the Bluetooth qualification program. connectBlue® is a registered trademark of connectBlue AB.