Wireless Serial Communication

Serial communication (UART, RS232/422/485) is the most used interface between devices and can be easily replaced by a wireless link using a connectBlue Serial Port Module or Serial Port Adapter. These wireless serial communication products are also commonly referred to as serial cable replacement products.

The solutions are easy to integrate to existing devices and one can either embed an OEM module in a device or use an external IP65-classed adapter. To the left, you can see examples of wireless serial communication.

The products are easy to configure for various user scenarios like multipoint/multi drop connections, optimizing for range or throughput, connection methods, security options, etc. Here, the customer chooses freely the appropriate wireless technology or a combination of technologies. Modules are available with various output power, antenna solutions, interface options, etc.

The connectBlue wireless serial communiction (cable replacement) products have full embedded stack and UART logic level and/or RS232 (modules) or RS232/422/485 (devices) interface that can easily replace a serial cable with a wireless solution, without any drivers needed.

The products are easily configured using AT-commands or the Graphical User Interface and the settings are saved to persistent flash memory. After that you just have to send the raw data to the product, and the data will be received by the other device and output on the UART (modules) or the serial port (devices) - just as if there would have been a physical serial cable.

connectBlue offers a wide range of serial cable replacement modules and devices using Classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy, WLAN (Wireless LAN or commonly referred to as WiFi).

You can also go directly to your preferred wireless technology to see our offering of the following: