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There are some industries, where it used to be impossible to stay one step ahead and make sure the company assets are in good shape, running at their best. We're talking about industries where your production resources are on the road (or in the air, or on rails). Bringing your asset to the garage to get fixed just isn't the best way to make money or even more importantly, to serve your customers.

connectBlue offer solutions that enable partners in the transport industry to keep their assets on the road as much as possible, using wireless diagnostics and enabling companies to monitor machine health and schedule maintenance.

Case: digigroup

Italian digigroup srl is a market leader in hardware and software systems for public transportation fleet management and diagnostics. “With the Intellibus System, you can localize – in real-time – vehicles and manage maintenance with a sophisticated on-board diagnostic device, reducing the operating cost and improving the quality of the offered service,” says Marco Rocco, Engineering Director of digigroup srl.

The connectBlue Bluetooth and Wireless LAN products are found in buses of main public transportation companies in Italy and France. It started with Bluetooth technology and 750 ATM buses of Milan. [Read more from the case study link below.]

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