Wireless Point of Sales

When your business and your customers rely totally on you to handle their wireless transactions, you know that a glitch in security can bring next to catastrophic consequences.

Delivering valuable data wirelessly has been (and to some extent still is) considered risky business. Any hesitation about if data or funds are safe or not, lead inevitably to a no-sale or to people doing things "like they always used to", causing sub optimality and critical information ending up in more than one place. Unfortunately this often takes the edge off your initial investment and its potential. connectBlue solutions set the industry standards regarding security. They are suited for tough, hi-volume handling and the rough environment that comes with the job.

Case: Atos Wordline

Belgian based Atos Worldline specialise on end-to-end secure payment systems and applications. Security is always their number 1 priority, at every stage of the process.

XENTISSIMO is a new mobile payment terminal from the Banksys terminal range produced by Atos Worldline. XENTISSIMO is marketed towards companies that increase business through on-the-road transactions, in-store promotion sales and other mobile applications. The XENTISSIMO has state-of-the-art payment security, and when Atos Wordline went looking for a wireless partner to help develop the product, they turned to connectBlue.


"We looked for a partner to help us design the wireless LAN-solution for the XENTISSIMO. Someone who could both understand what we were looking for and come up with a solution. In connectBlue we found just that."

- Peter Timmermans, System Concept Architect, Atos Worldline

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