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Wireless can save lives

When working with life-saving products, reliability, robustness and ease-of use are key issues. Whether we are talking about battery-driven Bluetooth devices used to transmit data from a gene-sequencing program or a wireless device transmitting ECG from the back of an ambulance, the mission is the same.


Medical Use Cases

In the gene-sequencing example, every time a person has to interfere with a sterile process in a clinical environment, thus aborting the attempt, costs and time add-up quickly. In the back of an ambulance, in a real-life emergency situation, it's all about ease-of use and reliability.  

Medical Ready™ =

The complete set of features, reliability, long-term availability, and regulatory experience necessary for wireless technology to be used in medical products

connectBlue has supplied wireless solutions to the medical and healthcare industries since 2003. Our  extensive experience working with medical device manufacturers  is something our partners understand and appreciate. Standard connectBlue product features that are particularly important to the medical and healthcare industries include the following:

  • Standard connectBlue electrical, mechanical, software and antenna interfaces makes the wireless investment future-proof
  • Medical EMC standard compliance tested (IEC60601-1-2) assists with product testing and compliance
  • ISO 13485 certified manufacturing reduces supplier qualification and risk
  • Support for medical regulatory clearance and approval with guidance and predicates reduces regulatory uncertainty
  • Built-in watchdog timer mitigates technology risks
  • Extended temperature range: -30 - +85 allows a wide range of usage environments and scenarios
connectBlue Bluetooth demo: Small, battery-powered medical monitor with Bluetooth I/O Module OBI411

Wireless Medical Demo

View our demonstration video that shows the possibilities with a small, battery-powered medical monitor with Bluetooth I/O Module OBI411.

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