Wireless Industrial Automation

When modernizing industrial automation systems, great thought and effort is spent on increasing efficiency. The potential in controlling systems wirelessly is immense, as long as the technology meets the requirements...

In heavy automation industry the demands on wireless communication is ruthless. When starting an engine, controlling a movement or supervising processes, the demand for reliability and the fact that you have to be 100 % sure that signals are transferred in real-time have been obstacles making engineers uneasy about implementing wireless solutions; whatever the potential. This skepticism is highly questioned with the solutions that connectBlue can deliver.

Case: Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact is a worldwide leader in development and manufacturing of electrical connection, electronic interface and industrial automation technologies.

Phoenix Contact customers use wireless technologies in a number of different applications and industries. Examples of such applications include packaging machinery, warehouse transportation systems, crane control, water management applications as well as processes in the heavy steel industry.

Already back in 2003, Phoenix Contact found connectBlue in its quest to “offer our customers a more flexible and reliable alternative transmission technology to communicate with their mobile, moving and rotating automation systems,” explains Dipl.-Ing. Juergen Weczerek at Phoenix Contact. “We chose connectBlue since they have inno-vative Bluetooth solutions that fit very well for industrial automation solutions and they understand the requirements and the language of industrial automation.”

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Case: Schneider Electric

Dangerous work is sometimes best done from a distance! Sometimes, the safest way to operate an entire system or a specific part of machinery is to stay as far away as possible. In the old days, this was impossible. Cables had to be exchanged because of damage. Vulnerable contacts broke and needed mending. All this had to be handled by experts, experts that needed to be not just on-site, but directly linked to the system.

Using a connectBlue wireless solution can vastly increase personal safety. And our industry standard products keep latency very high and downtime very low.

Schneider Electric UK is a worldwide supplier of products and services for Power and Control.

Operation of an 11kV electricity network is potentially lethal. And shutting the network down due to maintenance creates an outrage amongst consumers; private and companies. Therefore Schneider have developed a Bluetooth management system, enabling operators to manage pole mounted RTU's from the safety of ground.

Now, instead of shutting down and climbing up the pole, the operator simply connects a Bluetooth enabled PC to the RTU which intergrates an OEM Serial Port Adapter from connectBlue. The operator can now make software upgrades, reconfigurations and energy diagnostics on site, but from a distance of up to 100 meters. Safety has of course vastly increased, but also the downtime for shut-downs has been eliminated.

The industrial reliability of the Serial Port Adapter and the co-operation of minds at work at Schneider Electric UK and connectBlue, has made this possible.

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