Wireless Ethernet

Wireless Ethernet communication is used when you need to replace the Ethernet cable with a robust and maintenance-free wireless connection.

  • The connectBlue Rugged Ethernet Port Adapters are especially well-suited either in point-to-point applications or in a wireless infrastructure where seamless roaming is important. The Ethernet Port Adapters are available either in Bluetooth or Wireless LAN versions and can act either as a Wireless Bridge or as client in an Wireless infrastructure.
  • The Bluetooth Access Point connects up to seven Bluetooth devices to the 10/100 Base-T Ethernet network.
  • The connectBlue WLAN OEM modules with SPI or SDIO interface provides a fully radio type approved dual-band solution to embed in host devices. 

In the examples to the left, you can see the following three use cases:

  • Wireless Ethernet cable replacement. Here, two Ethernet Port Adapters replace the Ethernet cable with a wireless connection. They can be either Bluetooth or WLAN Ethernet Port Adapters.
    • The connection between the Ethernet Port Adapters is point-to-point in Bluetooth technology and ad-hoc in WLAN.
    • WLAN wireless bridge offer high data throughput up to 20 Mbps.
    • Bluetooth wireless bridge offer robust data transfer and high system density.
  • Wireless Ethernet via Access Point. The scenario to the left shows the use of a Bluetooth Ethernet Port Adapter for connecting Ethernet devices to an Ethernet infrastructure via a Bluetooth Access Point.
  • Wireless Ethernet roaming. Here, WLAN Ethernet Port Adapters (as shown in the illustration to the left) or Bluetooth Ethernet Port Adapters connect to an Ethernet infrastructure via multiple Access Points. The Ethernet Port Adapter supports several modes of superior roaming between available Access Points, including seamless roaming.

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