Wireless Applications

Wireless communication isn't solely about being free from constraining and limiting cables. No, to see the true potential of "Wireless" you have to look for other benefits and incentives than just freedom.

Imagine a machine that is constantly in rapid motion at -30 C. Or a pipeline across the arctic tundra. Or a sensitive duplication of a gene sequence where the slightest contamination or disturbance can cause havoc. Get the picture? Then imagine that the machine and pipeline can be monitored, serviced, updated and operated wirelessly from a distance, massively increasing uptime and personal safety. Or that the whole gene process is performed in a 100% sterile environment due to high-speed reliable wireless solutions. This is the essence of connectBlue - providing a wireless solution based on the industrial and medical demands on robustness, lead-times and performance.

Together with our clients, we create solutions that improve, not only production economy and safety, sometimes we help push the limits of science as well. And all this using a seamless nerve-system that cuts through walls, floors and ceilings. Of course, modules that work perfectly in extreme conditions, work quite well in commercial applications as well.

Some say the difference between a brain surgeon and a mechanic is that the mechanic turns off the patient before operating. In the future, this analogy might just be found in a museum (along with cables and sockets!)



Wireless Advantages

  • Greater mobility and possibility to move devices and connect to smartphones and tablets freely without constraining cables
  • Bypassing long distances and areas where cables cannot physically fit
  • Fast and easy installation and commissioning
  • High flexibility if there is a need to modify an installation
  • Increased personal safety by not having to be physically close to a device during configuration and/or maintenance
  • Easy integration of devices into the network